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What Makes the ProEase® Pillow So Special?

Using the orthopedic ergonomic design and our patented Tension-Relieving Fiber cushioning technology to both cradle and support your head and neck. You’ll sleep comfortably no matter your preferred sleep position.

We tested more than 50 prototype combinations over the course of almost two years to create the perfect balance of soft, cool, and responsive no-pressure support. In the process, we created a new type of Fill – the amazing ProEase Pressure-Relieving Fiber! – and paired it with premium Talalay latex and a deluxe, moisture-wicking, breathable mesh cover. It’s truly different than anything your sleepy head has ever felt before.

The innovative combination of curve design and tension-relieving fiber works tirelessly to reverse bad posture, eliminating neck pain and tension headaches.

Freshface pillowcase
Cool to the touch and zero drag against your skin, the Freshface pillowcase is a cinch to apply and helps you glow in the morning by preventing skin crease/wrinkles and hair frizz

How ProEase® Compares to Your Pillow

Find out why you should choose ProEase® instead of other pillows.

Fall Asleep Faster    ✅   ❌
Stay Asleep Longer    ✅   ❌
Prevent Snoring    ✅   ❌
Stop Neck Pain    ✅   ❌
Stop Back Pain    ✅   ❌

100-Night Risk-Free Trial

Sleep soundly with your new ProEase® Pillow – we're sure you’ll wake up refreshed and revitalized! We stand by the quality and comfort of our pillow, If you’re not satisfied, we’ll gladly issue a full refund in accordance with our Return & Refund Policy

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